Fi Lo Radio – tune in for the new single

The Preston born, Manchester based muchly rocking rock rock band Fi Lo Radio have announced that they will be releasing a new single via the interweb. Available for download from the 9th March via the site link . The single is entitled Creeping Fear and it gives us the epitomy of Fi Lo Radio. Jump around, bouncing of walls rock – the perfect mood setter for a bunch of rockness.

They are also playing a home town gig @ The Late Rooms on April Fools Day supported by some slinky, sleazy grooves and moves from The Obsession. They were also going to be supported by the very special guests Zyklon B, a pseudo name of Kinesis. However following some complaints about the the name Zyklon B, Kinesis have now admitted their planned appearance and pulled out of the gig. The band released the following statement:

“Dear whomever it concerns…
You may recently have received an email announcing one 'Zyklon B' as support band to Fi Lo Radio at their upcoming Life Cafe gig. 'Zyklon B' is also a b-side by the band Kinesis, tackling the effects of attempted genocide and how it can never, ever be justified. Kinesis were meant to be the secret support act to Fi Lo Radio for this date only, but, due to a rash choice of secret name, our cover has been blown! As anyone who has ever seen Kinesis play live, read an interview by them or even worked with them will know, Kinesis are a band who tackle important political and social issues within the context of their songs. All around the world we are seeing the rise of the extreme far right, and we have tackled the dangers of allowing this to happen in songs such as 'The Flowers Are dead' and '…And They Obey'. The existence of small minded bigots does nothing to help society in our opinion, and we have been active supporters of the Anti Nazi League, even contributing tracks to their compilations, and taking an Anti Nazi League stall on tour with us on one occasion.

Again, apologies for any offence caused by our choice of secret name. It simply happened to be our 'b-side' that sounded most like a band name, and their was no meaning behind it what so ever. Keep searching for the truth.

The Free World Is A Myth

Conor McGloin, Kinesis, March 4th 2004

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