The Maybes + Moco = Chocolate !


Fri, April 23rd, Dry Bar (Oldham St, Manchester, 0161-236-9840)

The Good Life
The VC's

+ Club Moose vs Northern Lights till 2am

Just £3 before 9pm, £4 after, FREE MILKYBARS

Contact Vuz : 07970 821270, mail

Did you miss last month's GWCD ?? If so, then you're a fool. 200 lucky punters witnessed fine performances from Kaiser Chiefs, For Tomorrows, Fraction and The Suzukis. And then then they camped outside Dry Bar until the Friday after see Tsuji Giri and Distophia create musical madness.

tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE returns this month with a line-up worth its weight in saffron.

MOCO (link) – are poised to release their 3rd single and debut album on Skinnydog Records, and simultaneously in the USA on Pitpony records. 'Baby When You Die' is already getting airplay and the video will soon be on MTV2 – retro garage rock and MAYHEM! MAYHEM! MAYHEM! will make you decide YOU need a guitar too…

The Maybes – If you havent seen this band yet, then where the F%*K have you been for the past 6 months ??!! ” It’s a vibrant, glad to be alive sound, that has a stack of tunes and some neat guitar lines interwoven with the sharp, melodic but sometimes growling vocals. The Maybes? do have something special – as good as having the heart of rock and roll beating in your chest and the essence of youth fuelling your every move. It’s surely only a matter of time. ” [link]

+ The Good Life (link) + The VCs (link)

After the bands we have a SPECIAL Battle of the Clubnights for ya. Wigan's Northern Lights clubnight take on Manchester's ever present Club Moose for the crown of the best alternative night out in the North.

All this for just £3 before 9pm ? We must be crazy …….

Next months GWCD is on May 20th @ Jabez Clegg and features Future Ex Wife and Blood Valley as part of The Captains of Industry tour.

” Is dark chocolate better than white ?”

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