CHIKINKI + The Koreans + Kaiser Chiefs tour


In the past three years Drowned in Sound has risen from the webs fanzine undergrowth and supported great new acts on sold out tours of the UK, most notably including Biffy Clyro, Azure Ray, Jetplane Landing, Span, Bloc Party, Magnet and Kinesis.

Now providing musical guidance to a readership of 20,000, as well as running a fully-fledged record label (news coming next week of their first major signing!) and with a billion 'n one other tricks up their JD-soaked sleeves; is supporting a good ol' fashioned package tour this May, featuring three of the most exciting live acts around…

For continuity reasons, all acts on the tour have a fondness for Beta Band/Primal Scream dance silhouettes and remind many a hack of the likes of Blur, Dandy Warhols, XTC, Kinks, Dexys and alt-pop folks of that ilk. Not to mention all three possessing all the live fun of the fair, with a Theremin here, a synth there and slightly-deranged singers leaping around the stage smashing up keyboards.

Come, discover…

MAY 2004
Tuesday 4th London Metro
Wednesday 5th Plymouth University SU
Thursday 6th Taunton Mamba
Friday 7th Leeds Joseph's Well Tavern
Sunday 9th Sunderland Bar 36
Monday 10th Sheffield Casbah
Tuesday 11th Stoke The Underground
Wednesday 12th Manchester, Jabez Clegg

Chikinki :
Since signing to Island last year, Chikinki have really carved a name for themselves, being touted by many as the new Primal Scream/Coopers/etc. Their rabid concoction of dance and art-rock comes spitting and sweating straight outta Bristol. Tie up your laces and prepare to dance to what The Fly is calling electropervrock.

The Koreans :
Last year dropped two development singles on the Drowned in Sound label and have recently signed to Storm in Manchester. The NME tagged them the British Hot Hot Heat late last year, as they ventured over to NYC for CMJ. The guys have spent the winter finishing off their debut album and speaking to labels around the world, including Korea where they’ve featured on tv several times of late.

Kaiser Chiefs :
Are slightly-eccentric British Pop kids who run a clubnight in Leeds called Pigs, are about to play a half-time show at Elland Road when Leeds play Portsmouth and often get likened to Franz, Blur, Dexys, Interpol, The Clash and Madness. Go figure. Currently one of NME’s (check out the live review in this weeks issue!) and Lamacq’s favourite bands, they’re picking up fans across the country and slowly but surely, around the globe. Ones to watch for sure.

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