Earl play Glasto

EARL have been selected from over 2000 bands who submitted demos to be
considered for Glastonbury festival 2004. This coincides with the band being
selected to contribute a track to forthcoming compilation album ‘Ten From Ten’,
and follows the launch of brand new website link.

EARL have been selected from over 2000 bands who submitted demos to be
considered for Glastonbury festival 2004. The band has been short listed along
with just five others to play a showcase in Glastonbury in May. A panel
consisting of A&R, artists and festival organisers will choose their favourite.
The chosen band will play the dance tent at Glastonbury 2004.
See –link
We'll keep you posted on EARL's progress…

EARL have contributed a track to the 'Ten From Ten' compilation. The album
features ten current Manchester bands covering tracks by pioneering Mancunians
such as New Order, the Smiths, Magazine, Joy Division, etc. EARL have chosen
New Order's 'Regret' and have received excellent and promising feedback so far.
‘Ten From Ten’ is endorsed by John Squire, who also provides the artwork.
The album is set for national release on 17th May 2004; see link
and coming soon – link

EARL are planning a single release in June 2004 on Manchester's Fat Northerner
Records. The single is rumoured to be live favourite 'Broken Halo' but the band
are currently churning out new material at an impressive rate so who knows?!!
The release will be accompanied by a tour. Watch link and
www.fatnortherner.com for further updates.

SEE the excellent video for 'Das Experiment' – log on to link or

Hailing from Manchester, EARL just about pull off an all-girl band. The
four-piece have a fresh and unique sound, which has been described as
‘electro-dance with a punk edge’. They plan to release a single mid 2004 on
Manchester's Fat Northerner Records and accompany it with a small tour of the

Last autumn EARL played the Musicworks conference in Glasgow for the official
Fat Northerner Records event and will be supporting The Kills at Manchester
Academy for 'Lamacq In The City' in summer 2004. This follows their sell-out
show at In The City 2003, which received rave reviews.

To date, EARL have been placed in the top 3 records of the year on the XFM
Unsigned show. They have played live shows all over the UK and have had
continual support from Oceansize, Denise Johnson, Aziz Ibrahim, Elbow’s Guy
Garvey and veterans of the Manchester music scene including Terry Christian,
Derek Ryder and Clint Boon…


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