A New Dawn Parade

The wistful, emotionally charged creation THE DAWN PARADE have reformed, after a brief split at the end of 2003, much to the relief of entranced fans from across the country. Having been awarded the Best Single of 2003 from Rolling Stone and had their plaudits applauded by all the music industry it was a mystery why this collection of crushed velvet and leather trousers from Cambridge remained unsigned. Now back with fresh verve and bite THE DAWN PARADE are back on the road again with new material and a whetted appetite for spreading the DP word.

Playing a series of Glasswerk.co.uk dates in the North West on the 27th, 28th, 29th May in Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington respectively, Glasswerk are not the only ones in the industry to tip them.

Beautiful… every note seethes with love and dedication… may we honourably mention Wider Than The January Skies – a dewy eyed ode to hope that refuses to die. – NME

The Dawn Parade are a striking reminder of why we need look no further than our home soil for jaw dropping talent. Led by hopeless romantic Greg McDonald, they take to the stage with astute lyrics, skilled songsmanship and soaring pop choruses, every inch the rock stars in throwback gear. – Rocksound

Ambitious, grand and glorious – you will fall in love with this band. The Dawn Parade play like every gig is a headlining slot in a packed stadium. For sure, they have their dark side, but they have their romantic side too. – The Fly

The Dawn Parade is a most unique and special band for a number of reasons. Firstly, you could mention their seemingly effortless ability to produce a rare blend of music with both feral and romantic qualities whilst still managing to rock. And secondly you could draw attention to the fact that they understand the importance of producing music which matters to people, much in the same way as The Smiths did in their day, and lets face it, it’s about time there was a band like this, don’t you think? – Drownedinsound.com

There a bit special – in a good way.
Full dates are:

Thursday 27th May
@ The Masque, Seel St, Liverpool.
£4 adv

Friday 28th May
@ The Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester.

Saturday 29th May
@ WA1, Legh St, Warrington.
£3 adv

Tickets available from Piccadilly Records, Manchester (0161 8321111), Radio City Box Office, Liverpool (0151 256 5555) and online at link.

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