Norway’s rock finest KITE are coming to the UK. Be afraid or be inspired for some moshing, sweating and down right dirty gyrating. It’s loud, proud and stays aloud. Guitar gashing and gnashing with cloaked lyrical subtlety. Thumping, tumping, pumping, non stop bashing. Are you getting this? Its melodic rawk assault.

The Dane’s hate to see Carlsberg leave; the Swede’s are proud of their turnips and Norway are exalting the arrival and quick departure of KITE. Formed in 1998 and being the definition of DIY they released single after single, EP after EP and toured throughout Europe off their own back. Unconcerned with the fetters a major deal would place upon them KITE ignored the corporate route and finally found their way home to indie label Reel Noise Records (who have worked with Turbo Negro, Kings of Convenience, Ugress, Stonegard). With their home country sorted with tours and releases KITE turn their attention to the UK.

Having toured the UK twice previously and ‘having made many good friends’ it’s time to make some more. With a three week tour in June, a UK album release planned for later in the year to coincide with a mammoth European tour (including the UK) you could be forgiven for thinking that KITE have adopted the UK as their home. Now having impressed previously, have opened their arms and are promoting a tour for the advancing Vikings by helping them to plunder and pillage the concrete jungles of UK cities and steal the inhabitants musical holdings.

Listen to a couple of their tunes here:
Manic – link
Shadowlands – link
When Worlds Collide – link

See a video of them here:
Daybreak Prophecies – link

And watch them live here:

2nd June – The Telegraph, Newcastle
3rd June – Starka, Motherwell
4th June – Hendre Hall, Bangor
5th June – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
8th June – Deva & Mail Club, Chester
9th June – The Royal Park, Leeds
10th June – The Masque, Liverpool
11th June – Winnington Wreck, Winnington
12th June – Cellar Bar, Blackburn
13th June – Dry Bar, Manchester
14th June – The Shed, Leicester
15th June – Upstairs @ The Garage, London
16th June – Manhattons, Hereford
17th June – Malsters Arms, Pontypridd
18th June – The Planet, Wolverhampton

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