Polysics – Big in Japan

Polysics will attempt to level the whole of Islington and possibly the rest of North London come June 16th through the medium of ‘rocking out’ when they make their first live appearance in the UK.

The band consists of Hayashi (Vocals, Guitar, Programming), Kayo (Synthesiser, Vocoder, Vocals) and Fumi (Bass, Voice, Synthesiser), three young heroes from Tokyo, the spiritual sons and daughters of Devo. Polysics are on a mission to create new music by unifying ‘inflectional electronic sound that sticks and repeats itself in one’s head’ along with ‘ultimately distorted guitar noise’. By default or design, the outcome of this fusion is enormously compelling. Music with the power to stop time…. then start it again in fast-forward, delivered by what appears to be three half mechanoid/half human military lab technicians.

The band formed in Tokyo in 1997, they have subsequently released four full-length albums as well as several mini albums and DVDs to rapturous reception in their native Japan. ‘Polysics Or Die’, their ‘best of’ compilation will be their first release available in the UK (released July 26th on Sur La Plage Records). It’s preceded by the limited edition single ‘Kaja Kaja Goo’ (which features Nick Beggs of Kaja Goo Goo) on July 12th. Polysics recently played the SXSW festival in Texas, their show was one of the talking points of the festival. Their UK debut is not to be missed.

June 16th: Islington Bar Academy

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