the best Donuts in town

Alice Donut has made a career out of making the wrong music at the wrong time for the wrong people and somehow making it, oddly, right. In 1996, Alice Donut played their 1000th show to a packed house in London, then went back home to New York City exhausted and called it quits.

Having originally formed in 1986, the band recorded a string of classic albums for the legendary Alternative Tentacles record label and firmly left their mark on the alternative rock scene. They were a band for the sweaty freaks, hyper-literate fringe dwellers, paranoid misanthropes and worshippers of the 100-watt mosh. Mixing garage, folk, punk, metal, Kurt Weill, noise, glam and danzon with shamelessly inappropriate harmonies, their music is a disorientating hybrid of chaos and hooks that's ugly to bombastic to melodramatic to banjo-picking to spastic to Sabbath, on a

Once they were gone, few expected them to return but in 2003, after seven years of working with other artists and building their own recording studio, they developed a huge backlog of new material until original members Tomas Antona, Michael Jung, Stephen Moses and Sissi Schulmeister reunited to create 'Three Sisters', the first of three interrelated albums to be released over the next three years.

'Three Sisters' will be released as an enhanced CD-ROM, complete with a video for the track 'Helsinki' created by fan Curt Duttenhaver. The Michigan resident was chosen winner of the Alice Donut fan video contest launched on the band's website.

The band also hit the UK on July 5th for a show with Canadian punk legends NoMeansNo at the Underworld in Camden. By all accounts, this is a show not to be missed. Until then, go to for more info.

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