Adzuki Release EP

Welsh quartet Adzuki release their debut EP on Aug 23 2004. Displaying a remarkable maturity for their tender years (the band's average age is only seventeen!), they produce truly intricate and passion fuelled rock music…

Released on Mighty Atom Records (Funeral For A Friend, 3 Colours Red, Hondo Maclean, Hollywood Ending etc), the five track EP is a massive statement of intent. Foregoing the usual uniformity of neanderthal, bludgeoning riffery and tuneless screaming, Adzuki have managed to combine a solid musical intensity with potent melody and infectious lyricism. It's rock music without the sterile clichés becoming so prevalent in the new wave of contenders. At a time when British guitar music is once again exciting and innovative, it is truly exhilarating to have another forward thinking band powering onto the scene.

Already turning heads both in the printed press and on the radio, Adzuki look like being something very, very special. Get in on the ground floor and watch how far this lot can rise!

1. Five Four
2. Transitions
3. Untimid
4. Losing Today
5. Today Is History

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