Bugwig play only Summer gig this week

Alongside The Treat, The Laurel Collective and Brand Violet, Bugwig take time off from working on their debut EP to play Upstairs at the Garage on Thursday July 15th.

The Treat 10.10pm
Bugwig 9.35pm
The Laurel Collective 8.50pm
Brand Violet 8.15pm

Anyone who has ever seen or even heard Bugwig will know that they are one of the most compelling/bizarre/unique/totally absurd up-and-coming bands on the London circuit

Described as quintessentially English swing-beat rock, that alone is enough to make anyone scratch their heads. If you add hints of the likes of Supergrass and err.. George Formby into the mix, bewilderment is the usual reaction.

A comically light-hearted performance, interspersed with terrible, terrible jokes and singer Paul’s ridiculous facial expressions, is usually par for the course, but this belies the fact that behind Paul’s falsetto vocals is some truly accomplished musicianship.

“The bands we play, you know, we play 'cause we like them. Bugwig, I have to say, I like just that little bit more.” Claire Sturgess (Xfm)

“A breath of fresh air.” Adie Nunn (Drowned In Sound)

“Petite Poule… the best French song since Bonnie & Clyde.” Adam Krupa (The Tube Club)

This is a must see performance so make sure you get down there. If you want to hear them first, here is a clip from XFM: link

For more information check out their Glasswerk Page: link

New British rock band, The Treat, who have just released their first album 'In Technicolor', through Rockular Recordings, are headlining tonight. The Treat are a brand new British rock band that play blistering, three minute, adrenaline rush, power rock songs. By turns passionate, exhilarating, fun, dark, melodic and joyous.
“This is dirty, greasy, beer-sodden, sore-throat-in-the-morning rock and roll man!” -Thread (NZ)

“This is totally brilliant!. The epitome of 'driving music'. If you're ever on the road, this is one of the albums to have blasting out the open window” – Daily Vault (USA/Canada)

'A cross between Zeppelin and The Clash, not only in terms of style but also in it's depth. Unlike many modern bands, The Treat know a way with a melody ' – Let It Rock (Israel)

“Hard Rock in the vein of AC/DC, with a little bit of the Beatles” – From The Underground (Germany)

More details on the treat can be found on their Glasswerk page: link

References to Pulp Fiction, the Pixies, Blondie, The Cramps and The B-52’s rollin. Strange Bedfellows perhaps, but Brand Violet sound like nothing else in the UK, maybe the world.

John Peel’s Unpeeled Magazine adds, “the singer has the sex appeal of a very young Debbie Harry, the stage presence of Patti Smith on heat and a voice of pure luiquid gold. And did I mention the catsuit?”

Tunes you’d quite happily admit to liking. It’s pop but it’s not. Its rock without the cock. Maybe that explains their cult status in London.

Brand Violet also have a Glasswerk profile: link

drums, percussion, keys, guitar, bass, trumpet and three vocalists (one of whom also plays an electric violin). That’s what the Laurel Collectiv have in store! We’re looking forward to a visually and aurally stunning performance.

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