Ambershades back playing live

Next Wednesday August 4th, The Ambershades play their first gig back after a Spring/Summer hiatus Upstairs at the Garage for a Glasswerk Showcase. A stunning band that last year NME and co were raving over.

Ambershades + special guests
Upstairs at the Garage, Wednesday August 4th
Entrance £6 (£5 with flyer); doors 8.00

Ambershades debut single “Clap Clap Clap” was described by NME as “the ear-slicing scene from Reservoir Dogs with a happy ending” and they have a good dozen solid gold classics just like it. Recent hit “The Eighth Day” is one of the most infectious deliveries of pop you will ever hear.

By 2001 Ambershades had recorded a whole album of lush Beatledelic pop, just as the world creamed it’s collective pants over the crackly garage of The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They couldn’t have been more out of time if they were a bunch of UN weapons inspectors, but their new material was developing a Beach Boys / Crosby, Stills and Nash / Youngish twang and an alluring undertone of bad drugs and heartache while Davey La’s vocals were now bouncing fantastically between Rafferty, Wainwright (Rufus), Petty, and dare I say, Prince. Fortunes were about to turn…

Open your eyes and meet Ambershades. No you didn’t dream them…

“running amok like a genital disorder in Ibiza, Ambershades are set apart from The Thrills (etc) by a melodic urgency htat will inspire you up off your deckchair and straight down the boozer. On this evidence they are unstoppable”. The Fly

“whacking you in the goolies with five-part harmonies and supersonic country twangles. Wonderous” NME


Supporting Ambershades are:-

Karma Destination:
a five-piece from Manchester influenced by Puressence, The Dandy Warhols and U2.

good old fashioned rock'n'roll from London's own.
CD Review: link

Citizen Rex:
more damned fine rock music. Damned fine.

This is going to be an outstanding evening of bloody good music, so get there – don't miss out.

Nearest tube – Highbury & Islington

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