Return of the Mighty Fly – Mazuma Fly Finally Return to Liverpool!

Mazuma Fly will be back in Liverpool to pedal their trademark hybrid of face slapping riffs and psychotic performance.

Local rockers Jamie Jenkin (Vocals), Rick Morris (guitar), Mark Briggs (bass), and Dan Vickers (drums) first took to the stage in 2001, and quickly established themselves as one of the areas most promising live bands. A string of successful gigs throughout 2002-2003 then set the scene for Mazuma fly to export their unique brand of alt-punk noise-mongering to the rest of the nation.

Two years of intense live performances ensued, seeing the nation spanning four-piece headlining to crowds across the country, leaving an ever increasing number of new fans in their wake. The thriving Liverpool scene greeted the band with open arms and by 2003 Mazuma Fly were receiving air time on the city’s radio stations, as well as regularly featuring in the Merseyside music press.

Now in the process of organising their first full scale tour of the UK, Mazuma Fly will be crashing into the Zanzibar on Thursday 9th September to play their first Liverpool date this year. Don’t miss this chance to catch the band on their home territory. A great night of highest quality rock is guaranteed, and who knows, they may not be back for another year.

“An Undiscovered rough gem, their leftfield fucked up twisted mess of speed punk, grunge, indie schmindie and groovy bass lines, strapped to the David Byrne-like frontman’s psychotic performances are a sight to behold.”

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