Life's A Beach

The Indoor Beach Party – 22nd August 2004, Masque Theatre, Liverpool

It’s the summer season and in true British summer time fashion is putting on a musically orientated beach festival – inside of course as you don’t think we will actually get any real sun do you? Fake beach festivities galore will be occurring in the Masque Theatre, Seel St, Liverpool on Sunday 22nd August. All day noise reverberations will echo around the transformed gig pit with 10 bands of the lovely Liverpool variety along with ice-cream and loli-ices, beach snacks like hot dogs, burgers (complete with sand), comedy beach photo booths, sand pits and merchandise stands. It’s a fun day out for all the family (as long as the family like to rock) so bring your grandparents, your kids (as long as they are over 14 years of age) and uncle Billy Bob.

Performing at the all day fun fun fun beach fake music ice-cream fest are:

Day With Mary – Emo/post punk stage ripping pop tunes.
Ji – awesome semi-metal breakdown, lung bursting rock.
One Man Orgy – proper pop punk perspicuity.
Effigy – metallic riffs with skater bois.
Ogun – old skool metal munchers
Amphoteric – prickly power punk.
We See Foxes – trendy indie.
A.S.B.O.S – lo-fi eccentricity.
Checkpoint – triumphant trio tribulations.

As well as providing music worthy of the sun king Helios himself, the theatre will be decorated with beach scenes and flooded with fake sun light (non UV so you don’t have to worry about sun burn) and a complete music/merchandise stall with limited edition CDs available from Liverpool record labels back catalogue and band merchandise from the Nymph herself. Bands can also bring their own CDs for sale as well for completely free. Just bring down a few CDs on the day and we will put them on sale for whatever price you like.

The comedy photo booth with fat old ladies and skinny ‘knobbly knees’ old men will be provided by Sakura so long after the booze has worn off you will still have hazy memories of this fake festival.

Ice-creams shall be provided by us along with some hot dogs and burgers for that authentic British summer day out at the beach.

Doors are at 3pm, £4 on the door.

Merchandise by Nymphs Of Bacchus – link
Photos by Sakura – link

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