Muse For Oxfam

Muse carry on the single fever by following the top ten singles off Absolution with a download only release ‘Apocalypse Please’. Recorded live at their Glastonbury headline gig, the track will be available on link from the 23rd August and 60p of each download proceed will go to Oxfam. holds over 350,000 tracks and 10p of each download goes towards Oxfam.

Later in the year Muse plan to release another single with a brand new concept in audio mixing. U-myx will allow Muse fans to remix “Butterflies and Hurricanes” for their own sheer pleasure with no complex software or knowledge. The mixes can be saved and shared with other fans and upgrades will be available to add in other vocal or instrumental parts from other artists. Muse are the first band to release in this format and there will be several other artists to follow suit. The release date is 20th September.

Gig wise Muse are headlining V2004 on August 21st and 22nd.

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