London's first iPod Music Club

Playlist at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road. You are the DJ. Bring your favourite 15-minute playlist on an iPod or other digital music player and play your songs, first come, first served.

The best DJs win prizes from Belkin. If you love music and don't have a music player come and listen to diverse sounds, be a judge, have a dance and party with the Playlist people. August 7. Free entry. link


Welcome to Playlist. It's your party. And the club launches Saturday August 7 at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road. Admission is free.

****STOP PRESS****

I completely forgot to plug this night back at the beginning of August. Whoops. It's a great idea though and one I fully endorse. Next event is Saturday September 4th, and the chances are that in the near future it could move from being a monthyl event to being a weekly occurrence. Watch this space – Editor


Playlist is London's first democratic music lover's night. It's a club for music fans with broad tastes looking for something new, a chance to try new rhythms, hear tunes, new and old. It's eclectic ear candy. Playlist is all about the music. It's also experimental. Who knows what will happen?

Playlist celebrates digital diversity. It's all about the music, not the genre. The principle is simple: if you want to share your music, just turn up, sign in and play out. If you want to judge other people's music, turn up, sign up and speak out. If you simply want to party, just turn up, tune in, dance it out.

The way it works on the night: People who want to play their music simply register and get a number. As the night goes on they get to play 15-minutes of their hand-picked songs; but volunteer judges will assess that 15-minutes of fleeting fame in a free vote. DJs who get the best reaction may win extra time – and the very best win prizes (thanks to Belkin).

Inspired by the ease of use and massive capacity of Apple's iPod music player, a collection of music fans got together to launch a night dedicated to musical diversity in the digital age. It's not just about iPods though – you can play songs using other music players, judge the songs the DJs bring, or just have a good time.

iMix, iDance, iParty
Welcome to Playlist, the electric eclectic.

Further Information
Call 0207 281 1060, ask for Lisa or Jonny. We'll get back to you if we aren't around.

VENUE: Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road, 0207 272 7366
TIME: 9pm-2am
PRICE: Free entry
EMAIL: mail
WEB: link

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