Premier London Club “Turnmills”, noted for the weekend club culture featuring Chemical Brothers, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Norman Jay, now hosts midweek club and live music nights, shaping a new club culture. From the Launch of Get Loaded, the Guardian Guide proclaimed “The biggest success story so far this year” – Get Loaded features DJs such as Tony Wilson, Shaun Ryder and Bez, Mani, members of The Farm, Smiths and XFM DJ’s.

And so, as your humble music servants, we here at Glasswerk urge you to give in to your musical consciences and enjoy the shows in the heart of one of London’s most prestigious venues.

That’s right, this coming Thursday 26th August there’s have one hell of a line-up for you: Ambershades, Rooster, Intervert & Delta Chi.

Ambershades rocked Glasswerk a few weeks back with their summery Indie poptastic tunes and are taking the stage again to wow the crowds with their “monumental melodies, hooky vocals and mellifluous harmonies, combined with outright professionalism and long hair” (Jack Cook, Glasswerk London) link

Rooster, fresh from appearing on CDUK and strutting their stuff on the Music Choice Stage at the V Festival, have a debut single gracing our shop shelves on 4th October and if they continue at this pace, they’re steps away from the bigtime. And in the words of the band themselves “We want to bring back stadium rock. No modern, young bands are really trying to do that any more. We want to remind people of the craft and the spirit and the sheer excitement of music that not only works in your heart and in your mind but blows you away out there on the big stage.” Come and see Rooster whilst you get the chance – in a few months you may not be able to get tickets… link

Intervurt are a five piece rock band from South London who have been described by the press as similar to bands such as U2, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, Muse & Nine Inch Nails and who recently took the stage at Surrey’s Guilfest. However, Intervurt are originals with their own defining sound. Think 21st century rock, catchy melodies, great guitar riffs, dirty sounds and fat beats all brought together with live visuals and stage art for a stunning live show. link

Delta Chi
Rising from their days of rehearsals under a railway arch in the backwaters of South West London, Delta Chi have honed a sound that encompasses the musical beliefs of each individual member. Think the vitriol and slowburn attack of Six by Seven, the brittle melody of Elliott Smith and The Verve, the distorted pop rhythm of The Pixies and the relentless pulse of Death In Vegas. “It’s all jagging riffs and edgy arrangements that insistently gnaw away in an attempt to lodge into the psyche … leaving you wasted, empty and thoroughly hollowed for the experience so much so that those left standing after it finishes are either lying or deaf”. (Drowned In Sound) link

Directions, Maps and Other Blurb
63B Clerkenwell Road, London. EC1M 5NP
Capacity: 350
Info: 020 7250 3409 / 020 7689 0903
Tube: Farringdon
NCP 24Hr Parking: £3 Bowling Green Lane, off Farringdon Rd link

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