Versus versus the rest

It’s another night of rock, Upstairs at the Garage on Wednesday September 1st. Make sure you don’t miss it.


Hailing originally from the South of France, London-based rockers Versus possess a talent for songcraft tinted with a touch of French melancholy and poetry.A bouncy and melodious blend worthy of vintage Dom Perignon being served with a full-English breakfast.

“Versus seem to be particularly gifted for producing bouncy power-rock tracks and show all their fluency in blending melodies. They surely have their place on the international scene.” Rocksound


London four-piece Djevara picked up a KKKK Kerrang! review for their debut album, God Is White.

Heavy, groove-ridden punkish metal that borrows heavily from both 70’s blues-rock and early-90’s alternative rock, dragging these sounds kicking and screaming in to the 21st century with a hint of their multi-ethnic influence and brutally honest urban poetry… all in an incredibly energetic rush of youthful exuberance!

The band, who met at Warwick University in 1998, released the album on their own label, Genin Records.

Day With Mary

Brit emo hopefuls Day With Mary kick of their 17-date European tour tonight in support of their debut single, Generation Dead?

The five piece all share the same goal of wanting people to drink, fuck, dance and sing along to their tunes whether it be in a sweaty, cramped watering-hole or blasting from your CD player at a party. Five very different personalities united by a passion for the music. Jump the bandwagon early to avoid being labelled a sell-out 🙂


London four-piece Cape claim to write punky, aggressive, anguished protest songs that kick back against modern life and the mediocrity and boredom of suburban life.

Their hard rocking tunes blend heavy riffology with infectious melody. Twist idlewild, Muse and Therapy? together, then add a touch of old school Led Zep and ACDC and you'll get the general idea. The band's debut EP, 100% Rockstar, is out now. Smash the Tax, Kill the Bill, Maggie out…

We must be doing something right… Mean Fiddler have dedicated a whole page to the gig!


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