Fireapplered spontaneously combust at a town near you

It’s 1991 at the International School of Brussels, Belgium, and students Les (half Scottish, half Belgian), Tarek (half Norwegian, half Moroccan), Green Dave (English) and original bassist Giorgio (Italian) meet for the first time. By 1997, having realised their common love of punk rock, they have formed a band and Fireapple Red begin to perform covers in bars around Brussels.

Pan to London, mid 1998, and the guys are now writing their own songs in the company of deathmetal-bedroom guitarist turned superfast skinsman, Red Dave. Writing becomes recording, becomes gigging….and more gigging.

Moving to the present-day, complete with rockbeast bassist Miles and Fireapple Red have become well known for their explosive live shows, which have taken in most of the UK, along with a tour of California. This year has seen them tour with Bad Religion, open the Download Festival and play one-off shows with bands like Yellowcard, Good Riddance and Strike Anywhere. The shows, the music and the attitude have also resulted in Fireapple Red being the only UK band sponsored by the much sought after US clothing company, Volcom.

With influences ranging from US punk rock and hardcore, hip-hop, reggae and folk to 80s rock and thrash metal, Fireapple Red blend socio-political lyrics with a positive, hard drinking outlook and original energetic music. Although they don’t claim to be amazingly well-read anarchist revolutionaries, they do stand firmly for a better world.

Full tour as follows:

12th Sept – Leeds The Vine
13th Sept – Newcastle Trillians
15th Sept – York Fibbers
16th Sept – Glasgow Barfly
17th Sept – Dundee Westport Bar w/Five Knuckle
18th Sept – Aberdeen Moorings Bar
19th Sept – Lancaster Yorkshire House
20th Sept – Birmingham Edwards No.8
21st Sept – London Clapham Grand – Burton World Tour party
22nd Sept – Liverpool Heaven 'N' Hell
7th Oct – Milton Keynes Pitz

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