VmanEvents coming up!

Manchester promoters VmanEvents have got a whole host of decent rock, punk, metal and indie gigs coming your way. Sit back and enjoy:

Sept 16th, Jabez Clegg. Pre In The City showcase. The Manyanas + The Movement + Ophelia. £4, 8pm.

Sept 17th – 19th, Dry Bar. VmanEvents and Glasswerk IN THE CITY. 70 bands playing over the whole weekend including ART BRUT + Maupa + Distophia + 28 Costumes. See link for more details.

Sept 19th, Overdraught (Princess St). IN THE CITY METAL FEST with Aconite Thrill + Second Smile + Inertia Rise + Son of the Mourning + Lee Malvo + Cadever Burn + In Silence + Orchid + Archer + Verm + Deathcunt. £5/£6, 2pm.

Sept 19th, Jabez Clegg. IN THE CITY INDIE FEST with Orinoco Shores + Shiloh + The Happenin + Olympiun + Steller + Portico + Lander + Mason + The Chase + Ampersand + Myoho + Marmalade Suitcase. £4 before 5pm, £5 after.

Sept 20th, Jillys Rockworld. PUNK IN THE CITY with FIVE KNUCKLE (Household Name Records) + Minions of Jeffrey + No Standards + Sparehed 3. £5 adv, 8pm

Sept 20th, Jabez Clegg. In the City showcase with Narcissus + Midland Railway + Smiling Politely + Deviant + Silent Quarter. £4, 8pm.

Sept 24th, Jillys Rockworld. Promotional night for the Pitchshifter / SIkTh gig on Oct 11th @ Manc Academy 2. Free signed posters, CDs, badges, stickers, condoms etc etc

Sept 25th, Gullivers. THE BARBS + The Rocks + Special Needs on The Evil Rocks tour + support from Penny Black. £5 adv / £6 on the door, 7.30pm

Seot 25th, Korumba. THE SUZUKIS. Free entry.

Oct 7th, WA1, Warrington. tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE (Warrington leg) presents …….

Oct 11th, Manchester Academy 2. PITCHSHIFTER + Sikth + Minus + Censa Faye. £12.50 adv, 7pm.

Oct 13th, Dry Bar. KATASTROPHY WIFE + Zero Pretties – CANCELLED

Oct 20th, Retro Bar. DOPAMINE + Midasuno + Inertia Rise + Murder on Four Oaks + Pentatonic.

Oct 21st, Jabez Clegg. tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE presents…… MAUPA + Lyca Sleep + Working For a Nuclear Free City + Bingo Jesus. £4/£5, 8pm.

Oct 23rd, Gullivers. THE WAYRIDERS

Oct 30th, Gullivers. AVOID ONE THING (features Joe Gittleman from Mighty Mighty Bosstones) + Not Katies + Second Monday + No Standards + Revenge of the Psychotronic Manc. £6 adv / £7 on the door. 7pm.

Oct 31st, Jabez Clegg. Mayhem and Mischeif presents……

Nov 14th, Jabez Clegg. Metal Hammer tour with BYZANTINE (Prosthetic Records, USA) + Gutworm + I Remain + In Pain Die + Shadowlands + In Pain Die + Akoga + Averance + No Known Solution + Sursum Corda. £5 adv / £6 on the door.

November 18th, Jabez Clegg. tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE presents …… THE MAYBES + Lisa Brown + The Deadbeats + Starla.

November 21st, Jabez Clegg. Aconite Thrill + Dopamine + Forcemage Advocate + Risen from Ashes + Circle of Silence + 8 Days Late. £5 adv / £6 on the door

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