Metal Hammer Rock Idle

Date, Sunday 5th December – Subverse 30. Visible Noise and the mighty Metal Hammer have teamed up once again, this time, to bring you the ONLY talent show worth your attention. ‘Rock Idle’ is the search for a new rock superstar, and is open to both bands and solo artists across the land.

The final will see up to seven bands/artists compete on the day in front of a panel of judges and be held on the December Subverse event, AND the whole show will be headlined by an (as yet unannounced) amazing band. The winners will get prizes, fame and adoration, as well as a first foot in the door of the crazy lifestyle of a
rock star!

What we need though are your demos, EP’s, mini albums, live tracks, whatever. We want the best bands and artists to send in their material and compete in the December Subverse ‘Rock Idle’ show. All demos (must be CD-R, please NO MP3’s!!!) can be sent to;

ROCK IDLE, 231 Portobello Road, London W11 1LT

There will be regular updates on the Metal Hammer and Visible Noise websites, as well as in the news section of Metal Hammer each month. Finalists will be announced closer to the time, as will the complete set of prizes for the final bands, AND the headliners for Subverse 30.

So get recording, and GOOD LUCK!!!

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