Sumo News

Sumo will soon be back from Summer 'Vacation' as they say in Amerikee. Firstly, just to let let you know that FLAMINGO 50, are playing Club Useless At The Zanzibar this Tues 28th Sept with Zombina, The Terrors, I Am Mike and Apaat, featuring new boy Will Fitzpatrick. Starts 8pm, entry is £2.50, (Or £2 if in 'hospital' attire).

Speaking of America, Flamingo 50 and Voo will in New York from 13th to 18th Oct for the CMJ Music Convention, to give em a taste of the current Liverpool sound in a Sumo stylee. Gigs will be played and fun will be had.

Nearly all the tracks are in for the next compilation and the final lineup will be announced soon. It will be feature some bands from the first album and a bunch of new ones. On first hearing it sounds more of a rock and roll album than the first eclectic affair. The plan is fo the Inner City Sumo at The Masque on Friday 19th November to be the Launch Party.

Before that, there will be a Sumo Special at Club Heav'n & Hell on Friday 22nd October with our own beloved COCK OFF and LOVECRAFT meeting Cardiff's SAMMO HUNG and Bristol's BIG JOAN in a battle of warped minds. Starts 8pm, £3 otd.

Friday 17th December is the Christmas Gig with GOLDBLADE, FLAMINGO 50, THE ALPHITES, and the genius that is London's 16 year old schoolgirl trio THEY CALL ME SNAIL. Doors 8pm, £4 otd.

Details of a launch party for the (Amazingly packaged) debut VOO single coming soon.

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