Cult Hero Found at Heav'n and Hell

Sick of going to a gig, having a great time, then having to leave early because the bar's shut and some meathead bouncer is booting you out at 11:30? Well fear no more, Cult Hero is here to save you! Combining live sets from Liverpool's best live acts with a DJ set containing everything from Hendrix to The Strokes, Cult Hero combines all the ingredients of a great night out in one handy package. The first event starts at Heav'n & Hell (Fleet St) on Saturday 9th Oct (and on every second Saturday of each month), with the opening night featuring live sets from two of Liverpool's hottest new bands, The Mags and The Jackals. Running from 10pm – 2am and at only £2.50 in and with all drinks £2 it couldn't be cheaper, (well ok it could….but you know what I mean). So as Bill Hicks nearly said….'It's just a ride (at Cult Hero)'

For more info contact Dave Jones on mail

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