Travis Dodging Death

Not really but frontman Fran manages to avoid assasination in Travis's new video for the single 'Walking In Sun' – released 18th October.

The video shows Fran wandering through various settings and scenes while narrowly missing various brutal ends before engaging in combat with the grim reaper himself in a jedi-esque battle.

The single precedes the latest release from Travis, 'Singles', which is a collection of all their singles to date. The track listing includes:

Sing; Driftwood; Writing To Reach You; Why Does It Always Rain On Me?; Re-Offender; Walking In The Sun; Tied To The 90’s; Coming Around; Flowers In The Window; Love Will Come Through; More Than Us; Side; U16 Girls; Happy; All I Want To Do Is Rock; The Beautiful Occupation; Turn.

and is released on the 1st November along with a DVD with previously unseen 'making of videos' footage.

See the video for Walking In The Sun below.

Windows Media Player – Low – link

Windows Media Player – High – link

Real Player – Low – link

Real Player – High – link

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