Swearing At Motorists go Retro on the 22nd

Swearing At Motorists + Endrick Brothers + Julian Donkey-Boy
Mon 22nd Nov @ Retro Bar, 78 Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3NJ
Box Office: 0161 832 1111- tickets £5 adv

Swearing At Motorists are like a two-man Who, tearing up stages wherever they go with their poptastic two-minute tunes and wild on-stage abandon. Being a two-piece (Dave Doughman, guitars & voice and Joe Siwinski, drums) they almost always get mentioned in the same breath as the White Stripes, but SAM were there first showing the world that you can rock hard without a bass player. Formed in Dayton, Ohio in 1995 (then featuring Guided By Voices drummer Don Thrasher), SAM have played an unbelievable number of gigs across the US, and released a handful of short but sweet self-produced albums – including 2002 MOJO alternative album of the year “This Flag Signals Goodbye” (Secretly Canadian). Easily one of the best live acts currently around, Dave & Joe veer between beautifully soulful and plain down-and-dirty rock onstage, and will not allow an audience be unmoved. If you have any interest in live rock'n'roll, then you cannot afford to miss this band. I promise.

Hailing from the back roads and deep waters of Stirlingshire, Scotland, Endrick Brothers have never been one to follow trends or bow to musical fads. Demonstrating a rootsy sensibility so indicative of their origins, this Glasgow-based alt country outfit deliver a sound that is at once effortless yet urgent. Drawing comparisons to everyone from R.E.M to the Jayhawks, the band understands that brilliantly consistent and dynamic songwriting is the key to longevity. Thus they present a constantly evolving and prolific array of worthy songs able to captivate any unsuspecting listener. Debut album, “Built To Last” (Hungry Dog) gives a nod and a wink to the likes of Wilco and The Byrds, and is full of tunes that are perhaps anthemic, but never stray into empty bombast.

Julian Donkey-Boy is the solo outlet of the guitarist from some local band or other, the owner of that smokey-sour croak hanging over a wash of those sweet thought-ridden rolling chords, and the thought behind the fairytales of hope lost, highs found, boredom forgotten, closed doors, oeillades opened and all many other downbeat/knees-up themes. Having written for numerous years, alone and with the uncomfortable trip/the daison revue the donkey-boy silence is to be broken here, with songs old and new, nervous shows in the not too near/distant future, and a fresh attempt at stirring interest from a single sung/screaming phrase and a combination of guitar, cello, piano, and who knows what else. Good luck listening.

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