KCR 106.7 – The Pool Showcase

Thursday, November 18 at 7:00 PM
KCR 106.7 PRESENTS – The Pool Showcase
World Turned Edgar
@ Carling Academy 2, Hotham St.

Hosted by Dave Monks, presenter of ‘The Pool’.

Blackout are a six-piece leftfield indie rock band hailing from Liverpool. In just a short twelve months that the band have been together they've already seen their limited edition debut EP 'Patience' sell out completely from the local HMV and Probe stores and have featured as guests on Dave Monks' show “The Pool” on KCR FM. Other local radio stations have also spun several tunes from both their debut and current EP 'Strangers'. It's not all been local successes though. The band recently appeared on Chris Moyles' channel 5 show, to compete in a battle of the bands competition. After each of the bands had played a tune, the viewers had to text vote for their favourite band, who got to play out the show. Blackout romped it in with 40% of the votes. Success was celebrated in the capital with a well-deserved drinking binge.

The band say their best moment to date was supporting Ian McNabb, who once fronted the Icicle Works. That's considered a great accolade in these here parts.

World Turned Edgar
The World Turned Edgar have been playing a number of local gigs of late and the bands last gig at The Cavern prompted the promoter to declare The World Turned Edgar as “one of the BEST bands ever seen on the Cavern stage!!”

With an almost impossible array of eclectic influences The World Turned Edgar combine unforgettable songs with profound lyrical truths. A band with a collection of songs to take you the edge of the known universe…and leave you there…

Look out for their incomprehensibly brilliant follow up album “Samsara Is A Strange Show”

When their limited edition UK only debut EP was released in December 2001, it became evident to those who knew that an exciting new force was emerging from the UK music scene. Having been discovered a few years previously by Alan Wills, head of the Liverpool label Deltasonic, Mountaineers had been able to hone their craft quietly,
hidden away from the public eye, until Wills deemed the timing to be right to unleash the six track collection onto the public. It created an immediate impression. Coined by the media as the 'Red Thong EP' after its opening track, it received glowing coverage in the NME and Radio One's Mark and Lard made it their Record of the Week.

Having recently signed to Mute, they have delivered an even more diverse collection for their follow up, another 6 track EP, again untitled, which will be their first release for their new label. Its opening track 'Self Catering' is certainly Mountaineers' finest pop
moment thus far. Other highlights include the surrealist punk oddity 'Chicken' and 'Radio Cat', Mountaineers' paean to French house with its vocoder and disco drums. 'Camped Out', “about paranoia”, is a haunting piano led piece showing yet another side to the band, this time a more sinister one. In the final song, 'Your Gunn Is Sett On Me', they strip back to the bare elements with Alex's soulful vocals taking centre stage, floating over an acoustic guitar and a few FX.

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