Chemical Brothers Back to Push the Button

11 years and 8 million albums since bursting out of the UK's underground
club culture, The Chemical Brothers are back. With their fifth studio album, 'Push The Button', Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons once again demonstrate that, when it comes to beat-based innovation, inspired collaboration and sheer sonic excellence, they are matchless.

First single 'Galvanize' is a Middle Eastern-flavoured juggernaut, featuring A Tribe Called Quest legend Q-Tip. Old sparring partner Tim Burgess continues a run of sublime hook-ups with 'The Boxer'. Also representing the hip hop world that was Tom'n'Ed's first love is Anwar Superstar, brother of Mos Def and here vocalist on 'Left Right'.

From the other end of the cultural spectrum comes Kele Okereke, singer with hot new art-rock outfit Bloc Party; his chopped up, mantric vocals on 'Believe' show why he's one of the most exciting new frontmen in Britain. 'Close Your Eyes', meanwhile, recalls the psychedelic soul of the Chemicals' past collaborations with Mercury Rev and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips; this time, their creative partners are the massively-tipped The Magic Numbers, the double-sibling foursome who have been causing all manner of fuss on the London gig circuit. You heard their Mamas & The Papas-type harmonies here first… That's The Chemical Brothers in 2005: still bringing you the good stuff, and the new stuff, ahead of the pack. Watch this thumpingly well-produced, screamingly bold, utterly infectious space…

'Push The Button ' : 24th January 2005.

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