XXIV Records presents I SWEAR I WAS THERE (Volume 1)

In Sept-003 XXIV Records started a weekly mates' bands piss up at New Cross Inn and Turnmills in London. I Swear I Was There has since staged gigs (including a LMHR gig on a truck, and Get Loaded a major outdoor festival at Clapham Common) with profiled bands like Clor,
Happy Mondays,The Rakes, Ludes, Art Brut, Babyshambles and The Others
. Flyers feature the surreal art of Gareth Cadwallader, who will also grace the album's sleeve. The club is a hang out where good music, art and pirates collide.

A spectrum of quality live performances have happened at the aptly named I Swear I Was There club. XXIV Records first compilation is a choice selection which will be available at good alternative/independent record outlets andavailable on the XXIV web site from December onwards.

Here are a select pick of undiscovered gems with glowing, growing respect on the live circuit, that XXIV Records has experienced on the way… (scroll down for forthcoming I Swear I Was There events, also for extra information on the bands).

I Swear I Was There – 1
01 Gemma Ray Ritual – 'Bury My Bones'
02 Reid Paley – 'Sal's Last Round'
03 Devil In Miss Jones – 'Who Needs Love'
04 The Crowd – 'Boat Race'
05 Grand Delinquents – 'Sway'
06 Corporation:Blend – 'Blew It'
07 The Delphian Complex – 'Bite The Hand'
08 Alice And The Enemies – 'Way With Women'
09 Phoenix Drive – 'Familiarity Breeds Contempt'
10 Moose – 'Bad Bad Man'
11 Bidgie Reef & The Gas – 'Bidgification'
12 Iain Seigal – 'House Rent Blues'

Release Date 06-Dec-04
Retail price approx : £6 / £7

Details, links and purchase from December 004 at

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