Club Hedonistic FREE NIGHT is back!

Club HEDONISTIC – London's free gig night is back at The Archway on Monday 29 November with another stellar line-up from all around the country. Four varied, vital young bands take stage alongside the delights spun by resident deejay Charlie No.4. Bands will include After The Silence, Fucks, 100 Bullets Back and Hedon.

It's free, so get there early and stake your place at the bar ahead of all those sweaty A&R suits do. Doors are from 7-12 midnight

FUCKS, from London, are the White Stripes on casio keyboards, really cheap guitars with even more pained, Queen-like karaoke wailing. And if that wasn't enough, they've even nabbed The Strokes drum machine sounding like Kid A if you killed Radiohead and left Thom Yorke smoking weed like 50 Cent. Magically surreal. Go to link for info.

AFTER THE SILENCE from Sheffield, play heaving, driving rock full of beautifully emotive melodies. Cloudy, all consuming atmospherics, combined with translucent, shimmering effects – all deep, progressive riffs and raw, sleazy vocals. MUSIC AT

100 BULLETS BACK from Oxford, make a tempered racket somewhere between the electro-pop wizardry of Pet Shop Boys and the restless post-punk anglings of Franz Ferdinand. Chucking in an impressive array of apposite time-changes, the taut melodies and lovely, drawn vocals they slot nicely into the top pocket of 2004's buzzing zeitgeist. MUSIC AT

Essex five piece, HEDON, fall somewhere around a more beat-driven early-Verve,combining intense soundscapes with beautific melodies and tragically spine-tingling moments. Catchy choruses meet crashing, sycopated rhythmics, dreaming piano arpeggios and some downright sleazy, Interpol tainted guitars. Despite being only six months old they're developing nicely. MUSIC AT

The Archway Tavern is opposite Archway Tube 1 Archway Close London N19 3TX

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