Under The Influence Moves

After 2 sell out events, Under the Influence is back and bigger than ever.

A change of venue for this event, a quick change of piss stained underwear for the Day with Mary boys who have recently settled back into their Liverpool lifestyle. After a few months of touring around Europe and the U.K DWM have decided to throw their special night in our cold winter worn faces once more.

Unlike the other 1000 gigs that happen across the city center of Liverpool every night of the week, we are all used to seeing shit bands play shit music to their shit head mates, at Under The Influence, we can sit back and enjoy the music. 10 bands performing 2 cover versions by artists and bands that have inspired their sound and of course 1 original track.

This time is special. We witness the return of Three Hundred Clear, Liverpool’s own ultra cool hip-hop mixters and heroes of Under the Influence 1. Last time, we heard a medley of rap anthems such as ODB, 50 cent and of course the Jackson 5, which seen 300 people + shake their booty. What tunes will they give us this time?

Mad maniacs Stig, Under the Influence virgins blow our trumpets and we can feel their brass section sqweel away as they give us their unique blend of messed up ska-core nonsense.

The Immigrants shag our heads. They’re noisy little bastards them. Their covers will be interesting, loud and full of naughty words such as poo, willy and front bum.

Liverpool’s own self confessed cock rock lovers The Monzas are also virgins, when they told me they loved rock cocks, I got confused as they said nervously ‘this is our first time’. I think they meant cock rock anyway. Wait and see fuckers!

Sweet baby Jesus, Mat Ong and Ricky Cheung, Glasswerk Media pioneers and formerly of Roundabout make a return after a 4 year break from the live circuit. The last time these two performed together was when they were both trying to work out which end of the guitar you blow into to make it work. Interesting.

Manc bastards Keith return to Liverpool for Under the Influence. Their blend of Morrisey mixed with Jeff Buckley mixed with The Rapture style indie-dance will create some mad covers.

The Alphites power pop punk sing along anthems, will be fun filled fuckin’ frolics. Dancing, skainging, stinking and singing. These young bucks will entertain, or we wont buy their bottles of hooch for them before the gig from the offy.

St Helens ‘eads Hundred Story High are so high, they’re one hundred stories up, or something. Its acoustic soft rock, its nice and chilled, female fronted. Girl Power… zigga zig-ahhhh.

Liverpool ‘metal ead ‘ippie goffs’ and good friends of DWM, Ogun are gearing up to piss on your ma, its metal, its heavy as fuck, its loud. Will their covers sound like napalm death on rohiponol? Lets have a gander………

And of course, your hosts Day With Mary. Last time they covered the famous heavy post-grunge anthem ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran. Went down a bastard treat I tell ye. Busy little bastards these are, singles, tours, birds and bevs are on their agenda. Unstoppable band and fantastic live act.

2nd December
The Masque Theatre, Liverpool.

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