Is Terra Cool?

Come and see one of the UK’s most exciting new talents… and win an X-Box!

Glasswerk returns to Upstairs @ the Garage on Wednesday December 1st, for a fine night of music, featuring Pistols at Dawn, Ciccone, The Woodin’ Shades, and of course Terra. Everyone will receive a raffle ticket as they pay their entry money. After the draw is made at the end of the evening, one lucky winner will walk home with a brand new X-Box!

That's right, thanks to Terra and the team behind them, an X-Box will be given away on the night. But that's not all… the winner will also get a limited collector's edition copy of the new Halo 2 game.

Upstairs at the Garage, Highbury
Wednesday December 1st, 2004

10.15 The Woodin’ Shades
9.35 Terra
8.55 Ciccone
8.15 Pistols at Dawn

The Woodin’ Shades first came to Glasswerk’s attention at a gig at Turnmills a few months ago. Their sonic bursts of full-on metal rock wowed us then, as it apparently already has done to their considerable fanbase. Promoted to the Headliner slot, the ‘Shades will be eager to impress a new audience. Unmissable.

Fronted by Norwegian beauty Adele Jensen, Terra’s raucous riffs and powerful tunes offer a unique distorted rock sound that has already caught the attention of Peter Katsis (manager of Korn) and Mary Anne Hobs, (Radio 1 DJ.) Not only that but they have now become part of an elite list of bands (including Korn and Snoop Dog) whose music has been selected to promote Halo 2. Their single ‘Lost Generation’ (out January) proves that they can certainly compete with some of the best acts on the planet.

Taking their name from Madonna (and Sonic Youth’s short-lived side-project), Ciccone's influences come from the Clash, Blondie, Television, The Smith. Lou Reed, and fifties rock ‘n’nroll.

The London based rabble-rousers toured with Art Brut in the summer, and recently released their debut album Eversholt Street, which was recorded entitrely in the band’s bedroom and is unashamedly British: honestly pure and spirited, brash and defiant. Ciccone are a fine intelligent band – sexy, sporadic and subversive.

Pistols at Dawn are a three-piece rock band from South London. Their music has been compared to Six by Seven, Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana. They have been playing together since November 2003 and their incendiary live shows at all the right venues have earned them a large and loyal following.

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