Vivre A Jumpstart

Jump to attention as A Jumpstart spring over to the UK for a short week of touring before the bigger jump over to the US. Sprightly emo-tastic post hardcore from France…j’adore le A Jumpstart.

Bigged up in their native France by Rocksound France, they say this:

Compos maitrisees et chant en anglais sonnent en baton, verifiables sur le site internet qui propose trois titres de leur premiere demo.

Which I think says something nice about a self financed release they had in France. More usefully this is what Metal Hammer UK say:

‘Try to Stay’ is a nice Lost Prophets-esque slice of post-hardcore (and) shows a lot of promise.

And eulogise further by saying:

Modern enough to keep the younger generation of rock fans happy but with enough old school rock traits to appeal to the more mature of you.

And so enough of what other people say. What and who are A Jumpstart?

After putting a self financed album together produced by Swedish metal specialist Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In Flames…), and having toured independently over British, US, Swiss and French clubs for many months, the emo/screamo/noisy/metal buddies of Blockade decided it was time to split up.

Indeed, the band got all the answers to the musical questions that they’ve been asking for four years. It is time for everyone to discover some new harmonic landscapes, aside from each other.

Fast forward a few months, bassist Yoan and singer Raz part ways with their project, Supernova. Avedik joins them again with drummer Micko Dermidjian, awarded at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London and touring drummer with theatre rock band Les Gueules de Bois (At(h)ome / BMG France). All together they hit the studio to record a three-track demo with producer and longtime friend Raphaël Monier…

… And all together, they become A JUMPSTART, as a tribute to the new adventure that they are beginning.

A JUMPSTART is a reunion of musicians looking forward to reach something fresh getting the strong points of each musical universe like the deepest pop melodies, harshest hard rock power, over boosted bass-driven rhythms, hybrid-est synth and sequences, passioned lyrics… A drive to play something at the same time creative, dynamic, panoramic and melodic.

See them live in the UK for the first time on the following dates:

Fri 10th – Caernarfon, Anglesey Arms
Sat 11th – Blackburn, Cellar Bar
Sun 12th – Liverpool, Heavn n hell
Mon 13th – Wakefield, Snooty Fox
Tue 14th – Sheffield, Casbah
Wed 15th – Gloucester, Welsh Harp
Fri 17th – Winnington, Winnington Wreck

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