Change Of Plan For Steriogram

New Zealand's Steriogram have decided not to release the track 'Tsunami' as their next single.

The song 'Tsunami' is from their Schmack album, released in March 2004, and was scheduled late last year to be the next single. However following on from the Tsunami disaster the band have decided to choose a different track – even though 'the song is about a relationship gone wrong, not about a wave.' Instead, 'On and On' will now be the next single from Schmack.

Steriogram has also been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Video for 'Walkie Talkie Man'. They are competing with Franz Ferdinand for 'Take Me Out', Green Day for 'American Idiot', George Michael for 'Flawless' and 'U2 for 'Vertigo'.

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