David Wrench walks among us

Hailing from Bangor, David Wrench will release his new single “Sodium Lights” on 7th february 2005. This will be followed up by an album, “The Atomic World of Tommorrow”.

Seemingy the twin of the alien scientist Exeter from cult sci-fi “This Planet Earth”, Wrench explains of Sodium Lights :

“'Sodium Lights' is about being in a relationship with someone who defines themselves by their problems and to sort them out would give away too much of their personality. It's also about when you go out on your own late and night and wonder the streets, trying to sort your head out”

Wrench has been bigged up by the likes of the NME, The Times, Sound Nation and the Big Issue…………….look out for this track soon!

Check of the official David Wrench site here

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