Stereolab Go Back In Time

Stereolab have announced that their own label, Duophonic, will be forming of a new relationship with Too Pure/Beggars Banquet Group.

The first release of this deal will be the reissue of 'Switched On' at the end of February followed by a new release from Monade [8th March in the USA and March 21st elsewhere].

Following on in late April / early May will be the 3 CD and 1 DVD boxset – 'Oscillons From The Anti-Sun', then hopefully 2 or 3 new EPs / singles by the end of 2005 with a new LP for release in 2006.

Duophonic are also anticipating a new Imitation Electric Piano LP in 2005 and possibly one or two singles by new bands.

Monade will be playing shows in the UK, Europe and the USA to support the release of the LP 'A Few Steps More'

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