More From The Doherty Rollercoaster

Following crowd crushing and beseeching for the crowd to look after one another Pete decided he wanted some action and had a fight – with his own guitarist, Patrick Walden, last night at Brixton Academy.

The show was halted only seconds into the second song after security had to rush into the crowd to rescue crushed fans. Three songs later and the music was stopped again after Doherty inadvertently pulled out Walden's guitar lead. A swift kick to Doherty followed, and ended with the two wrestling on the floor and having to be pulled apart.

Yet the band returned minutes later and played the rest of the set incident free. The set list was:

Stix & Stones
Do You Know Me
Darling Clementine
Gang Of Gin
What Katie Did
In Love With A Feeling
Black Boy Lane
The Man Who Came To Stay
F*ck Forever

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