Raining 'Cats and 'Monkeys at March TGWCD

tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE returns with a lineup headed by two of the most hotly tipped bands in the country. Whatever your musical persuasions, you’re sure to be impressed by the blazing punk-pop of Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys and Manchester’s very own purveyors of ‘Latin-edged funk-pop’, the Whiskycats. Add to this three more top local bands, a clubnight til 2am AND free Milkybars and it’s easy to see why TGWCD remains one of the finest band/club nights in the area.



The Loungs
The Special Brew
Dirty Circus

Thursday March 17th 2005 @ Jabez Clegg, Manchester. £4 / £5, 8pm, club night til 2am.

Yet to release a proper single and with all band members still in their teens, Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys already possess the acclaim and following of bands with years more experience. Dressed like Dickensian street urchins, they sing songs of fights outside nightclubs and prostitutes in a way all young people familiar with the brutal, intimidating reality of being brought up in the city can relate to.

With only a few months gigging experience behind them, the band were already gaining considerable local interest before Zane Lowe played the band’s 'Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor' on his Radio 1 show back in November. This blew the doors open for the band nationally as people discovered they had a sound as unforgettable as their name. Songs like ‘Fake Tales Of San Francisco’ and ‘Scummy’ have already became infernal punk-pop anthems to many before they’ve even been released, fuelling the A&R scramble that surrounds one of the hottest unsigned bands in the country.

“They seem to have what it takes. They’ve not been going long, and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.” Pete Mella- Sandman Magazine

“notable talent… intensely catchy melodies” Glasswerk.co.uk

Describing themselves as a 'Latin edged funk pop 5 piece' and united in their respect of jazz, the Whiskycats are a band with a style to captivate music fans of all persuasions. Forming in Manchester in April last year, the band have been playing extensively in Manchester and gigging across the country from London to Carlisle, earning critical plaudits in local TV and BBC Radio to go with a rapidly expanding fanbase. The band's appeal can be summed up by the fact they've been asked to play two such disparate clubs/ club nights as the Blowout and Sankeys Soap already.

Each member of the band brings wildly different influences to the band's sound, ranging from Nick Drake and Beck to Debussy and Aphex Twin and musical genres from funk to classical. The band played their first gig after just one rehearsal and have a sound like no other band in Manchester, playing a complex fusion of jazz, latin, rock, dance and salsa. It is this diversity allied to a considerable stage presence that makes their gigs so joyous and danceable, with a style equally appreciated by casual listeners and connoisseurs.

“… amazing, truly amazing, music with appeal for everyone” Michelle Mullaine, BBC GMR Radio

“How long have I been doing this job? That is by a country mile the best record I’ve heard in three months, just fantastic… Its done with humour, with style, Its catchy as: Oops I nearly swore!… It’s just joyous, one of those records that makes you smile.” Phill Jupitus, BBC 6 Music

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