Moco in the Big Smoke 17/3

Glasswerk are back Upstairs at the Garage this Thursday March 17th for a fine night of music. Okay, I know we ALWAYS say that, but invariably we are right (except in instances of power cuts, snow storms, and England playing in the World Cup at the same time), and on this occasion you must definitely take our word for it. It’s only Sunday and I’m already getting a little over-excited.

You see, headlining tonight are the truly astonishing Moco.

Thursday 17th March, 2005
Upstairs at the Highbury Garage
MOCO, Pistols at Dawn, Waxed Apple, The Juice

What has Wigan ever given to the world of music? Well, the thriving epicenter of Northern Soul, The Verve and, er, Kajagoogoo is not bad for a town of 90,000 and to this list you can add the warped gonzo rock genius of Moco.

Formed four years ago, the band self-released the “Aerofine” and “And Then There Were 4” EP's early in their career before releasing the pivotal “Another Day No Dollars” EP on Stuntmonkey records. The record sold out in one week, earning the band rave reviews, support slots with The Charlatans and was the start of American College and Alt-Rock radio interest that has given the band a sizeable cult following the other side of the pond.

When the “Where She Goes” single deservedly became Single of the Week in NME, the band translated their success to a national level, setting things up perfectly for the release of debut album “Out To Go”. Released in October last year, the album fulfills Moco's early potential, combining old favorites like “Moco Loco” and “Flooky Wonderland” with new tracks like the recent single “Baby When You Die”. With the band being compared to the likes of The Ramones, The Doors and The Strokes and their flamboyant Stetson-wearing live performances inspiring a growing legion of fans, Moco are sure to cement their place in the Wigan Music's Hall of Fame in 2005.

“If they aint big stars in the making, NME will show its arse in Burtons window” NME

“Make The Darkness look like pussies, powerful enough to banish The Datsuns back to the hole they crawled out of”

“There aren't many bands that can rock and roll. There are even fewer who can do it properly. You'd be just as well to give Moco the credit for inventing it “

“Wigan's Moco sound like a pile up involving The Zutons, The Strokes and Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster. Inventive, energised and with a spark of something pretty special. Single number three finds the possibly unhinged Steve Jones singing in an accent worthy of Lux Interior as this twisted swampy western tune builds to a serious guitar wig out denouement. Stunning.” NP –

Also playing…

PISTOLS AT DAWN are becoming Glasswerk veterans. The popular London three-piece seem to grow from strength to strength with every gig they play. They have riffs capable of blowing theroofs off several thousand venues simultaneously, and switch from stripped-down, hushed, melodic intensity to sheer sonic violence at the drop of a hat. Pistols At Dawn bring you “the antidote to the ills of today, and the soundtrack to the new millennium”.

WAXED APPLE have been whipping up a storm throughout both their adopted hometown of Brighton and further afield with their energetic electronica, which they are calling “electro-dub hip-hop”. Recent gigs have included Austria, Japan, the Rock-it Festival inHong Kong, GuilFest, Glastonbury, the Beautiful Days Festival, a headline at Cargo, and supports for Ozomatli and LCD Soundsystem. link

THE JUICE have the honour of opening the night. The Londoners have some beautifully crafted tunes that are sure to impress, so make sure you get there early.

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