The Western Mechanism is upon; Are You Worthy?

The debut album from Days of Worth on Visible Noise, ‘The Western Mechanism’, is an assured a debut as anyone could have hoped for. Released on April the 5th, expect an epicly scaled album with ten storey guitars, ferociously huge choruses and a desire to say more than the average rock band.

The band aren’t part of any scene, or have any aspirations to be embraced by any scene, they just do what they do because they have a need and desire to make the music they write. They aren’t about any hype or fashion statements, there is no style over substance, just superbly written songs full of power, melody, aggression and an honest assessment on this modern life we all inhabit. As singer Simon puts it, “Life's about living, about looking back and being able to say you've actually done something with it”.

Simply put, it’s just an incredible debut album from one of the hottest new live acts in the UK. From the slow burning opener ‘Standard Suburban Anthem’ through to the melodic majesty of tracks like ‘State of Me’ and ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’, Days of Worth have crafted what could turn out to be one of
THE standout rock albums of the 2005

Having seen 2004 act as a stepping stone in the live arena, with support slots on shows with bands like lostprophets, Minus, thisgirl, yourcodenameis:milo, Bullet for my Valentine and Reuben, 2005 will see much more activity, more headline shows and more nationwide tours.

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