Take on the role of a tourist – see The Sights

Raw, crisp and howling are adjectives that have all been placed upon the shoulders of Detroit based trio The Sights. Mainstay of the group Eddie Baranek oozes emotion and passion that has seen the candid outfit release three albums and won over many fans, since their inception in the summer of 1998.

The Sights’ sound is epitomised in previous single ‘Circus’ taken from their latest self titled offering. This number contains a provocative mix of emotion, raw energy and an undertone of rhythm that makes them a compelling prospect. The guys kindly provide brief yet revealing answers to some piercing questions.

1. How has hailing from Detroit affect the type of music that you have produce and do you feel you fit in with that scene. Has it been restrictive being a Detroit band in the sense that many music lovers will expect a certain sound because of your origin?

We don't listen to the Stooges or the MC5. We like “2+2=?” by the Bob Seger System.

2. You have just released your 3rd album (self titled released on Sweet Nothing Records; February 21st) and it is a raw and crisp piece of garage rock. How would you summarise your sound on this offering? Also, have you achieved the sound that you have been aiming at now or are you still a band in transition?

I was thinking more of a chunky, chewy chunk of basement pop.

3. In my opinion your music is elevated above many offerings of your contemporaries or rivals if you will, by the versatility of front man Eddie Baranek’s vocals. They vary from track to track being forceful and in your face in one offering to slower and more emotive in others (like recent B side ‘Everything’), as well as varying between the two extremes. Are you conscious of this and do you feel that it enhances your musical freedom in ways that some bands can only dream of?

A good band has to have dynamics– songs, a singer, a live show. Without those 3 elements you can't have a decent rock n roll band.

4. Who or what makes you angry?

Questions about Detroit and questions about garage rock.

5. What do you want people to take out of your gigs and how do you want to leave them feeling?

I want them to feel exhausted with their senses bleeding.

6. You have built up quite a following in Europe any plans for a European tour in the near future?

We have? News to us! when does the cheque for the UK arrive?

7. Stand out numbers on your latest self titled album are ‘Will I Be True’ and ‘Can’t Stand You’. These are howling numbers that bring seventies attitude rock back to the fore. What was motivated you to pen these songs? Is making music a cathartic experience for you guys?

Making music is what we do. People cut lawns, I write songs. It's something we do to get free clothes.

8. Which of your songs sums up your current mood and why?

Sick and Tired.

9. You are playing the much lauded SXSW festival in Texas this year. Do you consider yourselves a festival band and what in your mind makes a good festival band?

I can't stand festivals. Everyone is prancing around like they are in a band or they know the band. It is just a buncha people with gel in their hair running around drunk. Get a job.

10. Finally, is modern music lacking direction and if it is what can be done to rectify this problem?

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