Why Do You Love Garbage?

10 Million albums sold would suggest Garbage are one of the worlds most popular acts in recent years. Ex Nirvana co-hort Bitch Vig's brain child returned on March 28th with new single “Why do you love me?”, taken from the awaited fourth album “Bleed Like Me”.

No doubt a pleasure for Garbage fans, singer Shirley Manson claims “To me, personally, the very fact that it got finished is a miracle”, after a somewhat tumultuous time involving break up, illness and surgury between them.

About the style of the material, Manson goes on to say “For the first time in a long time, the boys went in and set up amps and made it super loud and just played. I think you can feel that. The guitars sound great because of that.” The “Why do you love me” single is testament to that, not for a long time have Garbage sounded so on the money.

The album debuts on 11th April. Here is some exclusive interview video footage for you to swoon over until then…….

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