Stereo MCs in Paradise.

The indomitable Stereo MCs return to the musical frontline with this double A-side release as a taster for the August release of fifth album ‘Paradise’. Holed up in their Brixton bunker with an armoury of singers, ideas, and fresh enthusiasm, these two tracks represent their ability to craft headnodding hip hop bombs alongside soulful, introspective gems.

‘Warhead’ kicks off with an immediately recognisable blend of bass, horns and keys that sits in sharp contrast to Rob B’s laconic rhyming style. It’s an original sound that the band have truly developed and made their own since their debut album ‘33 45 78’ in 1989 and has been one of the keys to their impressive longevity.

In contrast ‘First Love’ is a slo-mo glimpse of a rarely seen side of The Stereos, with their most soulful chorus to date and a more song-led structure than one has come to expect from the band. Having lost the shackles of a major record deal the relief and rediscovered sense of fun from making music on their own terms is tangible, and sounding all the better for it.

“This record represents a new surge of energy for us like shedding a skin, breaking away has allowed us to grow, and to use the resources around us. We’ve made a record in our own backyard, homegrown, and without relying on the mainstream, so we’re really excited to be setting all this off in 2005.” – Rob B

With a series of live dates already penned in for the summer including a headline slot at the dance tent at Glastonbury on June 24th . and the Wireless Festival on June 25th in Hyde Park, the coming months will hail the return of Stereo MCs with a flourish. The album ‘Paradise’ is due for release in late summer on Graffiti Recordings.

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