New Field at Glastonbury!

Glastonbury Festival, famous for rock and mud will feature a brand new addition in 2005: an enchanting new area called Midnight’s Carnival. It’s set to make festival history by becoming the first ever field to be curated solely by women. Open from dusk till dawn, highlights include: Carnesky’s Ghost Train loaded with ghoulish beauties; the CanBootyCan showgirls; the Pretty Freaky all-female burlesque freakshow, and the mind-blowing exhibition of warped sculptures from the renegade-punk-rock Glastonbury legends, the Mutoid Waste Company.

Midnight’s carnival will be situated in the outdoor circus fields next to the main drag and will combine the best of a Dickensian style fairground with the wonder of an old European carnival. It’s the result of a collaboration between three women of unlimited imagination: Arabella Churchill, the grand-daughter of Winston and founding member of the performance art side of Glastonbury, Ruth “Tutti Frutti”, up and coming performance artiste and creator of the Pyrettes show of Glastonbury 2004 in association with the Mutoid Waste Co. and Marisa Carnesky of the fantastical Ghost Train and the award winning Duckie cabaret show.

And as if all this wasn't enough, the bands stage will feature the follwing acts:

  • Alabama 3
  • Beastellabeast – Horseglue’s latest signing
  • 7 Kevins – Celtic Punk Festival Legends
  • Dead Silence – Underground Punk/Drum and Bass/The Streets style
    rapping – making huge noise on squat party/alternative scene
  • Son of Dave – 1 Man Blues Phenomenon
  • The Trojans – Celtic Ska Festival legends led by the infamous Gaz
  • A1 People – Electro Band with big cult following
  • Spektrum -Cyber/Disco/Funk
  • Naked Ruby – female-fronted rockabilly band

The area is surrounded by festoons of lights and comes to life as the sun goes down! Once you walk through under the giant arch you’ll be entering another world that will
change you forever.

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