Artist Rising @ Koko, 30th June

The most exciting new bands take to the stage at Koko, to launch the new Artist Rising cd. Glasswerk has two pairs of tickets to give away, all you have to do is leave a comment below with your email address


Get ready to get hotter.

Bad moon rising, the rising tide, sunrise…Artist
Rising, a bunch of new bands trying to break through
the glass ceiling, nay, take an axe and smash the
ceiling on their way to the stars…

This is it:

…A blueprint for the future.

Featuring live sets from: Metro Riots, Dustin’s Bar
Mitvah, Degrassi, Steranko, The Fairies and
Breakmakers – plus DJ sets from members of Art Brut
and The Others.

Artist Rising Album Launch Party:
Date: Thursday June 30
Place: Koko, Camden
Times: 7.30-2.00
Tax: £5

Artist Rising is a compilation album of the UK's most
promising new talent. It will be released on TBA
Records on July 4.

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