Click To Make Poverty History

The 'click ad' brings together a number of instantly recognisable celebrities from Brad Pitt to Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth to Emma Thompson, Bob Geldof and Bono to David Beckham, Kylie to Gary Lineker (to name but a few) who, very simply, click their fingers one after the other. Each click symbolises the death of a child. Across the developing world, one child dies every three seconds from extreme poverty.

With US, German, Canadian, French and African versions made by campaigners across the world, the Make Poverty History campaign is building mass public support to challenge both the UK and other G8 governments to drop the debt, make trade just and give more and better aid to developing countries.

Every 3 seconds a child dies unnecessarily, please go to the Click Ad video @ link and show your support for the Make Poverty History campaign.

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