Hardcore metal posers. An explosion of smart badges. Live sets that
nearly sever a band member’s big toe: welcome to the genre-muching
mega-racket of the Test Icicles.

The first single Boa Vs Python / Dancing On Pegs is an uncompromising
kick in the ipods from three metal loving kids (Sam, 19, Dev, 19 and
Rory, 25). Fired up with a love of not only rock and metal but the
machine beats of hip hop and grime and decked out like the last gang of
rock & roll surrealists in town, Rory Atwell, Sam Mehran and Devonte
Hynes have tooled themselves up with an utterly individual mix of heart
attack metal riffs, programmed beats and vocals screamed out like the
bastard brat of the Beastie Boys and Pantera.

Upcoming gigs …

22/07/05 MANCHESTER – Blowout at The Bierkeller

23/0705 SHEFFIELD – Club night at Leadmill

25/07/05 MIDDLESBROUGH – Club NME at Empire

26/07/05 BIRMINGHAM – Club Night at the Custard Factory

28/07/05 NOTTINGHAM – Club NME at Stealth

29/07/05 LIVERPOOL – Club Ping Pong at Barfly

30/07/05 GLASGOW – Death Kill 4000 at Barfly

04/08/05 LONDON – Barden's Boudoir

05/08/05 CARDIFF – Barfly

06/05/05 LEEDS – Faverhsam

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