New WUPT Tunes For Listen

WUPT are glad to announce the previewing of a new batch of recordings. More songs are being mixed to complete their second demo,this time care of bass and recording prodigy Nate Glansbeek. These tracks are a real advance for the band due to Nates above and beyond efforts. A god send being the project,as per wives orders,has been funded by couch tipping and change from their lunch monnies. Mr Glansbeek has learned the truth in the saying,”a friend in need,is a huge pain in the plums”. To this point WUPT have played across Alaska,once opening for The Presidents Of The USA and have been heard via their first demo,far and wide.

Career highlight,so far,being,needless to say,is having a track voted onto Glasswerks best of II. Getting play on various web radio shows,broadcast radio,including the BBC was pleasant too. Onward and upward,get in on the joy and hear the results at this link: link

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