The Warlocks Competition

photograph by Ben Clark

The Warlocks are set to release a new album entitled ‘Surgery’ on Mute on the 5th September. But before that, they are appearing at a secret gig at London's Bethnal Green Working Mens Club on TUESDAY 26TH JULY. Glasswerk has four pairs of tickets to give away, so if you want to go, email mail with the answer to the following ridiculously easy question:

“what is the title of The Warlocks new album?”

The eagerly awaited follow up to 2003’s ‘Phoenix’ on Birdman, the new album was recorded by The Warlocks line up of Bobby Hecksher (guitar; lead vocals), JC Rees (guitar), Corey Lee Granit (guitar), twin drummers; Bob Mustachio and Jason Anchondo, Laura Grigsby (tambourine & organ) and the recently returned original bassist Jenny Fraser in various LA Studios (Sunset Sound, Fantasy Island, Sound Factory) with legendary producer Tom Rothrock (Beck, Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy).

Featuring forthcoming single ‘Come Save Us’, ‘Surgery’ sees the band return with a more dynamic, almost accessible pop sound and it’s twelve songs are without doubt their most ambitious and infectious to date. An otherworldly, subversive soul record it has a ghostly grace which mixes soothing sci-fi lullabies such as ‘Gypsy Nightmare’ and the gorgeous doo – wop of ‘Angels In Heaven, Angels in Hell’’ with their trademark characteristic rohypnol rock-outs. There’s the intensity of ‘Suicide’, the black humoured nod to illness on ‘The Tangent’ (“I got so sick/the nurses they’ve all quit!”), while the album’s tile track ‘It’s Just Like Surgery’ is the sound of The Sex Pistols playing My Bloody Valentine with lacerating lyrics to match (“You operate/ Like no one else I know/ And your scalpel cuts/ Deep clean through my heart and my mind!”). From opener and new single ‘Come Save Us’ the album is a shiver-down-the-spine onslaught which sounds like nothing else around right now.

Recorded over twelve chaotic months, it’s a wonder that ‘Surgery’ ever saw the light of day. Three years of constant touring had taken there toll and the album was recorded against a backdrop of illness, tantrums, drug problems and band feuding. The Warlocks have gone through nineteen members in their short history. This is a band unafraid to take itself to the outer limits of endurance even if it almost kills them and it’s further proof, as if it were needed, that they’ve grown into a truly awe – aspiring rock group.

The Warlocks are set to return to the UK in the summer for their first shows here in over a year, more details will be announced in the very near future.

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