The Eighties Matchbox b-line Disaster at In The City and Vmanevents are proud to announce the headliner for the opening night at their annual new music festival during In The City at Dry Bar, Manchester. Yes, fresh from touring Europe with System Of A Down on an exhausting five week soiree, and now headlining the opening night for Glasswerk and Vman In The City, it is…. THE EIGHTIES MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER.

Kicking off a weekend long plethora of new music, breaking bands and established stars 80’s Matchbox are going to launch the weekend into oblivion with their hard hitting rock-a-billy, distorted, sleazy pychosis. Expect much – you won’t be disappointed.

Singer Guy Mcknight states, “Great things come from reverse approaches. We try hard to get the wrong end of the stick.”

While the press say things like this:

“Iggy Pop, At The Drive In, Black Francis and ’65 era Jagger joyriding round Dead Man’s Curve at midnight with the lights off screaming ‘I WANNA FUCK YOUR MOTHER!!!’ before ramming headlong into a tree. Fucking incredible.”

“If Playlouder was a band, it would be the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and there is no higher compliment we can offer.”

Head promoter of, Mat Ong, made the following statement, “Excellent”.

Support on the opening night comes from Fleeing New York, A Cult Called Karrianna, The Research, A Boy Called Roy, The Alpha Western, Granby Row and Fletchs Corner with indie DJs, Dance She Said, playing indie pop and rock till the early hours.

Glasswerk and Vman In The City runs from 30th Sept – 3rd Oct at Dry Bar, Manchester with 2 main stages. Highlights of the weekend include Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster, Fleeing new York, A Cult Called Karrianna, The Research, Mistys Big Adventure, Seachange, Komakino, Trap2, The Mardous, Cherubs, Young Offenders Institute, The Deadbeats, White Rose Movement, Protocol, The Common Redstarts, Laruso, The Most Terrifying Thing, Fickle Public, Dead Sea Tapes and ending the weekend is Mark Morriss (The Bluetones) with a solo set.

Doors 7pm, £5adv.
Tickets available from here : link

08700 600 100
Piccadilly Box Office Manchester, Radio City Box Office Liverpool.

See the Glasswerk In The City mini site for more info link

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