The Most Terrifying Thing

The Most Terrifying Thing release their new single 'The Pianist' from the fortcoming album released on Seeca Records on the 3rd of October.

‘The Most Terrifying Thing’ bring to life the relationships represented in this film of the opressee and the opressor and how this issue affects modern life today. The light and understated vocals are soft and rising to a thumping crescendo of a shouting chorus hammering home the idea of the underdog overpowering their captor and justice being dealt its hand.

Dealing with this sensitive issue was very important to the band says lead singer – Pricey- ‘There is a scene in the film where the main character is walking down what used to be a main street and it is just utter devastation around him – that was the basis for the chorus of the world falling down. It was a very powerful image to see one man walking along alone an empty road to nowhere – but still walking along all the same. It's about a triumph of human spirit.’

The Most Terrifying Thing head out on a full UK tour in October.

1st October – Las Vegas Club, Liverpool
2nd October – In The City @ The Dry Bar, Manchester

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