Glasswerk recently caught up with Sheffield band Trap2’s front man Mike, we met before the band took to the stage at a roadblocked Astoria to support Kasabian. Their recent EP ‘Low Without Sound’ pretty much sold out everywhere and they’re playing at Glasswerks festival within a festival at industry excess fest ‘In the City’.

The Sheffield Sky’s burning bright for the boys, here’s what he had to say:

Glasswerk: “You're playing at Glasswerk In the City (GITC) in October, it's an exciting ine up, anyone there that you tip for the top?”
Mike Trap2: “Yeah, Lyca Sleep, one of the loudest bands I’ve ever heard, its just a wall of sound that keeps growing, they're fucking immense… they’re playing on the sunday which may mean that we'll have to stay down on the saturday night…”

GW: “What can we expect from Trap2 at GITC?”
MT2: “We’ve never done it before but its all industry isnt it? all the AnR
will probably be stood at the back with a note book scribbling away… as long as there's normal people there to see the bands we'll be ok…”

GW: “You're building quite a live fanbase, gigs at London seem to reach a level of hero worship. Is it like this all around the country?”
MT2 : “Its funny that you can go to places you’ve never played before and people seem to know the songs and want to come up and have a chat afterwards, but that’s the power of the internet and giving away your songs to download, that’s the test, if people like it they'll come and see you…”

GW: “Your mates Kasabian have obviously gone massive this year and fellow Sheffield band and sometime touring partners Arctic Monkeys look set to do the same, is it your turn for some attention now?”
MT2: “I wouldn’t say there's 'turns' that anyone is suddenly entitled to, the Monkeys and kasabian deserve everything they get, we're just doing our own thing and growing all the time, the music has to be the main priority and everything will follow after that…”

GW : “Yeah of course, everybody’s hyping the new bands from Sheffield and Leeds at the moment, do you think this is gonna help you get that major deal?”
MT2: “There’s a lot of interest regarding Yorkshire bands at the moment
which is great for the cities ‘cos it hopefully means that more people will actually go and see unsigned bands, something Sheffield has struggled with for ages… because there is such coverage with the music press as well it means the AnR will probably follow their noses and head up the M1 but when Liverpool had a similar thing a few years ago, loads of bands got signed but as soon as the hype dies down the labels start to get nervous and back off so its a double edged sword…”

GW: “When do you expect to release your next EP/Single, we've heard
rumours it might be getting some extra special remix treatment?”
MT2 :” 'Tinpigs' is scheduled for release in the next couple of months… and it's a monster! We've put the last EP, 'low without sound' out to a few people to remix it for us, just to see other peoples take on the songs, serge from kasabian has offered to do 'welcome to the zoo' so if it's all sorted in time we'll try and put it out…”

Since the Astoria gig Trap2 have been recording the video for “TinPigs” in their home city and would like to apologise to anybody traumatised by the sight of freaks in pig masks rampaging through Sheffield on Sunday morning. To compensate for this the band have kindly given Glasswerk a signed copy of their recent EP – all you have to do is answer this impossibly hard question:

'What was the name of Trap2's last EP?'

Send your answers to mail…………

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Jamie Favell

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